Facebook News is going to takeover Facebook Trending soon

Nearly 4 years ago, in 2014 Facebook announced Facebook Trending, and after 4 years it is going to rollback this feature from Facebook. Facebook trending was the similar feature to Twitter hashtag which was brought in the year 2007, but didn’t shown much success since the Facebook trending was only available limited numbers of countries somewhat only 5 countries where only 1.6% news publishers received hits from Facebook trendings .

Now the Facebook has announced about replacing Facebook Trending feature with Facebook News which would be similar to Google news with some Facebook touch. In a blog post Facebook has confirmed that it was testing Facebook news in nearly 80 countries including countries in Africa, America, Asia, India and Australia.

The Facebook news will give an addition features and highlight to the news such as it would have:

  1. Breaking news label
  2. Today in
  3. News videos in watch

Breaking news lablel

Facebook have been running test with more than 80 publishers across India, South America, North America, Europe and Australia where it will grant rights to the publishers to put a breaking news indicator on their posts in News Feed.

Today in

Facebook have been testing a dedicated section to place the Google news namely Today in. According to the Facebook it will connect people with the trending news including breaking locally.

News videos in watch

Facebook has announced about news videos in watch with a special section which will be available to the users from America.