Facebook Started Rolling Out Down Vote Button

In February, 2018 the news was leaked about the new experiment of Facebook of integrating downvote button which has spread several rumors on the Internet, but now the news has been confirmed as the Facebook has started rolling the new feature called, “downvote”.

There was numerous theories and myths over missing downvote button in Facebook, in fact there was many quotes based on thumbs-up button.

The cause behind integrating downvote is to receive the negative feedback about a particular topic, especially the misleading and manipulating topics. On clicking, “downvote” botton it will pop-up with few other options including “offensive”, “misleading”, “off topic” to send feedback to Facebook.

The downvote features is visible to most of Facebook users which is reddit style downvote and will be fully introduce to all the users on the Facebook.

In addition to the that, report points towards use of AI to scan the articles, news, posts shared on the Facebook whether it’s a link or any similar post for the falsehood and scams.

Fake News has been one of the very crucial hot topic on the Internet after the ban and suspension the notification by the Govt of India and the Prime Minister of India where integration of artificial intelligence would be beneficial to stop spreading the fake news and scams.