Reliance Jio Planning to launch Jio Laptop Soon

As per report Reliance Jio is about to bring laptop which will have slot to insert sim for connectivity. It has already brought revolution in the market by introducing Jio 4g service. Now it is about to bring revolution in laptop and pc segments.

Those laptop will be of 13.3 inches 1920×1080 pixels resolution with the internal storage of 64GB which means 128GB (SSD) 4GB RAM. It will have 4.0, 2 USB, 3.0 ports, and a micro SD card. The laptop will be working on Windows or Chrome OS.

Since when arrival of Jio 4G service every second person using Jio 4g service. It is prevalent in the market. Now this step of reliance, bringing laptop with sim can be a new resolution in the field of laptop and PC.

Since when smartphone came in the market use of laptop and pc had been fallen and they were facing problem of low sales because smartphone and tablet coming in the market has many features which used to be provided in laptop and pc. So they reduced the use of laptop and pc. They have reduced the need of laptop and pc to some extent.

Since Jio came data consumption in India reached 400 percent. It is because of Jio other telecoms are trying to give much data in low prize to match Jio plans. Previously they were given 10gb data for around 1000 but now they are giving 180GB data in the same cost.